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These Terms & Conditions set out to guide user interactions with brainMD.com, its associated websites, parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates (hereafter referred to as “BrainMD Health.”) Use of our website constitutes your agreement to adhere to the following Terms & Conditions, which are considered legally binding.


“Content” may be described as, but not limited to, any text, images, videos, audio, drawings or graphics, design, data, trademarks. Any content not defined at User Content (similar forms of content submitted to BrainMD Health by any user for any purpose) is owned or otherwise used with permission of owner by BrainMD Health. Any Content existing on brainMD.com that is downloaded by a user, does not grant ownership or permission of use to user. Content may not be distributed, modified, reproduced, published, or sold by any user without the explicit written consent of BrainMD Health.


“User Content” may be described as, but not limited to, any text, images, videos, audio, drawings or graphics, design, data, trademarks submitted to BrainMD Health for any use, through any medium. Submission of User Content warrants ownership and/or right to use that content, and grants BrainMD Health the right to use that content in any way, including but not limited to, publishing, posting, modifying, editing, reproducing. Submission of illegal or harmful content will not be accepted by BrainMD Health.


BrainMD Health does not guarantee use of site to all users at all times. BrainMD Health reserves the right to revoke use of site and block any user from viewing, using, or purchasing from the site.

Reasons for revoking a user’s access may include, but are not limited to: any attempt or actions to alter or harm the functioning of the site, to alter or change the appearance and or Content of the site, to attain information that is in any way hidden or protected, to alter or restrict any other users from using the site, to defraud BrainMD Health through the use of fake or fraudulent information in any form of interaction with the site.


All reviews are subject to our approval process, which may include editing, condensing, removing, or deleting entirely, any reviews deemed by Amen Clinics, Inc to not be in compliance with our rules and guidelines.

All information submitted via product reviews will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Submitting a review gives Amen Clinics, Inc. full rights to the material included in the review.

Review Rules and Guidelines

Reviews should be:

Focused on the product being reviewed and your personal experience with the product
Thorough and detailed without exceeding 400 characters
Accurate and truthful to the best of your knowledge.
Reviews may not contain the following:

Explicit, vulgar, inappropriate, derogatory, hateful, or profane language
References, especially links, to other companies or products or any other “spam” material
Copyrighted material to which you do not have ownership
Any personal information including names and contact information such as, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, etc.
False or inaccurate information, or any information in violation of any laws, including but not limited to, those governing consumer protection or false advertising.


Trial programs offer users a sample package of BrainMD Health products. Upon confirmation of trial package order, users are automatically enrolled in a 14 day trial membership, at the end of this trial period membership is upgraded to full Auto Delivery subscription. At this time, users will be charged for their first full delivery and sent their first shipment. Users may contact BrainMD Health at any time to cancel their trial membership. Additionally, BrainMD Health will notify users prior to membership upgrade and prior to processing any payments for first Auto Delivery shipment.

Auto Delivery subscriptions will be charged every 30 days to the credit card supplied at the time of enrollment. Upon payment processing a new shipment will be sent to the address supplied at time of enrollment. If a payment cannot be processed you will be contacted to provide new payment information prior to your next shipment being sent. It is the user’s responsibility to provide BrainMD Health current and accurate shipping and billing information, and to contact customer care to communicate any changes in this information. Users may pause or cancel subscription to Auto Delivery program at any time and for any reason by contacting BrainMD Health customer care via email at support@brainMD.com or phone at (888) 850-5287 M-F 5AM - 6PM PT. Subscription to Auto Delivery service guarantees product price for the lifetime of subscription. Pausing and/or cancelling membership may forfeit that price guarantee.


BrainMD Health does not make warranties regarding this website and its use, or the information on this website. BrainMD Health is not liable for any indirect or consequential loss incurred by user due to use of website and its information, with the exception of any warranty or liability covered by law, that would be considered unlawful to exclude. If you disagree with these Terms & Conditions please immediately cease use of the website. These Terms and Conditions were last updated November 20, 2015.


The BrainMD Rewards program (“Program”) is a loyalty and rewards program for brainMD.com. All registered account holders are eligible for the Program, but accounts are limited to one per user. By registering for an account you agree to these Terms & Conditions. Points are a unit of measurement to determine future discounts at an exchange rate determined by BrainMD Health and at their sole discretion. BrainMD Health reserves the right to change the value of points at any time, without notice. Points are earned in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, placing orders on brainMD.com, sharing products on your social media accounts, reviewing products, etc. BrainMD Health reserves the right to approve and deny rewards points, and may limit the total amount of points earned. Points may be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Only qualifying orders will earn rewards points. Orders placed online or by phone, that are marked as completed in our system will be considered qualifying orders. Fraudulent or canceled orders will have rewards points revoked. BrainMD Health reserves the right to revoke or void points and cancel membership for any reason. Points are not transferrable. BrainMD Health reserves the right to change Program and its Terms & Conditions without notice. Changes will be updated to the website and user’s continued participation constitutes their acceptance of changes. BrainMD Health reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time. BrainMD Health will notify users upon termination, unless outside forces prevent such action. Forces include, but are not limited to, extreme weather or other natural disasters, acts of terror or war, software viruses, bankruptcy, etc. Any misuse of the Program by the user will constitute their forfeiture from the Program. Misuse may be determined at the discretion of BrainMD Health. BrainMD Health is not responsible for malfunctions in the Program due to program platform, software, internet, etc.