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Master Coach



There are a lot of great coaches out there, take your time finding the one that is right for you.  Trust your gut and go with the one that feels good for you.  

i will give you a little background on me and the rest is up to you. 

I received my Coaching Certificate in 2004 from International Coaching Academy where I attended a 2-year coaching program.

I have been successfully Coaching Businesses as well as individuals off and on for the past 15 years. 

I am the mother of 4 grown children and the grandmother of 10 Angel Faces.

I have lived 58 years in that time I have laughed, cried, experienced success and felt the sting of failure. 

I have been fortunate and blessed to have met and learned from so many extraordinary, amazing, interesting, inspiring, compassionate, caring individuals on my journey through this life. It is the combination of those people, my training, as well as my personal and professional life experiences that created the Master Coach I am Today. 

As my Journey continues, I look forward to meeting and learning from you. 


Laurie holds me accountable for being true to myself.


I have been wanting to do this for over 20 years, I have stubbornly refused to approve of my own unique process of growth. NOW, I have Coach Laurie and the possibility of being true to my word and living my life doing what I really want to. Laurie holds me accountable; I must continually reconnect with my possibility, excitement and enthusiasm of being my word. To keep on beginning to take the next step. Laurie encourages and encourages in all honesty she helps me see where I sabotage myself. I know where Laurie stands for me and when I feel like giving up, she brings me back around to my possibilities. I have never had a relationship like this, and I feel blessed. Thanks, Laurie, for being you and doing what you love, I am so inspired to do the same be myself and do what I love.



I am so impressed with the results that are possible with a Life Coach

Where do I begin? First, I am so impressed with the results that are possible with a Life Coach. It really does, however, begin with a proficient, compassionate, and caring person like Laurie. Initially I was a bit unsure of what to expect. But the end result and objective have definitely pointed my attitude and outlook in a positive direction that I credit to your "coaching."

Secondly, for my sessions you were accessible and somehow you always managed to make me feel comfortable. I was provided a safe comfort zone, making it effortless for me to share my thoughts and views.

Due to the confidence I have in your wisdom and expertise, I've referred you to people I hold dear. Thank you, Laurie, this enlightening experience.