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In 2004, I attended the International Coaching Academy where I received my Coaching Certification. I have provided Business and Life Coaching services to people from all walks of life for the past 15 years.  

I attended an International academy because of my love of diversity and culture.  I believe the best gifts are the moments we share with others. They are opportunities to grow and expand in ways we could never do alone.

There is nothing more exciting in life to me than watching others grow and being a part of people finding their inner power.

You will notice as you go through this site, I give you the 7 steps to a NEW YOU.  There are also tips and questions you can ask yourself that can help you learn to coach yourself.  It is my desire to share these tools with anyone seeking to better their life. 

My coaching business is for those who want or need support learning how to use and expand on these tools or have specific goals they want to achieve. 

You could potentially fill your life with joy and happiness simply by committing to never again make anything more important than seeing and feeling the joy of life. 

Everyone has the right to be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

We all want to feel that we are living a successful life. 

We measure that success by the joy and happiness we feel. 

Learning skills that help you focus and build on the positive things in your life gives you a solid foundation to design and create the life you want.

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This is your time to live your life your way!  Give yourself permission to live it to the fullest.

This is your time to LIVE.

Today is all you have. Give yourself permission to live this day to the fullest. Appreciate all you have and those you share your life with. You can create a greater tomorrow for yourself, for those you love and for generations to come.